Monday, October 25, 2010

25 Pies in 25 Days



So I signed up for allrecipes New! Pie Countdown Newsletter and I was thinking that it would be really fun to try and make all the pies.  So starting November 1st I will be making a new pie everyday until Thanksgiving and blogging about the experience.  Now some of you are probably thinking what are you going to do with a pie everyday?  Well I obviously don’t want to eat one pie everyday so some of you LUCKY people we soon be the recipients of a pie.  Feel free to join in of the fun my leaving comments on how you thought the pie turned out and if you would make it AND if you check out what pie I’m making that day and you really want it feel free to request it after all it has to go somewhere.  If you don’t live close I'm sorry I probably wont try mailing you a pie BUT maybe you could get some great ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner.

You can find this new adventure on my new blog I’m a Mom not a Professional hop over there and check it out.

Grandma and Grandpas Visit

Stoney Ridge Farm

On Saturday after a couple of soccer games we went to Stoney Ridge Farm.  6 years ago when we started coming here it wasn’t that busy now it’s a bit crazy and packed with people.  We had a good time doing the corn maze and getting 2 huge pumpkins.


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Quiznos Dancer
On our way home from the islands we stopped at a Quiznos for dinner, and lets just say Aftyn can't resist a good beat. 


Grandma & Grandpa Southam’s Visit

Fridays Harbor and San Juan Island

Cam’s parents just returned not to long ago from their mission in Russia/Siberia, they came and visited us last week and we took them out to Fridays Harbor.  We stopped at Lime Kiln State Park which is where you can see Orcas from shore.  It is off whale season right now so we didn’t seen any orcas but we did see a lot of other fun sea life, otters, seals, porpoise etc.  it was beautiful!!!  It’s also where we took our new family picture at the top of the blog.  You can tell we didn’t actually come prepared for a family picture and the sun is right in our face BUT the background scenery is so great it really doesn’t matter what we look like. 


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