Friday, June 25, 2010

Treasure Hunt at the Blaine Public Library

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Swimming Lessons

Kaylynn, Paytyn, and Tanner all get to have swimming lessons.  I get to try and keep Aftyn out of the pool for 30 min.  Thank goodness they all have a class at the same time!


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I took this picture of Aftyn in the locker room at swimming lessons.  Later I realized I was probably lucky no one punched me in the head for taking a picture in the locker room, do to the general nakedness of people in swimming locker rooms.  And no she doesn’t still have a pacifier.  She actually has never used a pacifier but now anytime she finds one around the house she likes to play with them.  I think she must have found this one in the bottom of our stroller.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girl Scout Awards Ceremony

Our first year of girl scouts is over and the girls and I loved it!  This is their end of the year awards ceremony.  I decided to do it at the state park and have a family BBQ too.  The girls did a great job an earned lots of fun badges.


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     Daisy vest cake                                     Brownie sash cake

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Woodland Park Zoo

School got out last week…Finally! So we celebrated by taking the kids to the zoo in Seattle. I love the Woodland Park Zoo it’s so beautiful the animal enclosures and the whole zoo has wonderful vegetation everywhere typical of the pacific northwest. But my favorite part of the zoo is how well camouflaged the enclosures are so it looks like the only thing that is keeping this huge grizzly bear, lion or whatever from coming over and eating you is a tiny little 2 foot fence. We were there for 6 hours and had a great time.

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