Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aftyn Turns 2!!

Aftyn turned two on July 25th!  We always take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for their second birthday, it’s a tradition that started with Kaylynn.  So while G&G Bybee were here we went to Chuck E. Cheese.  On her actual birthday we had dinner and cake with friends.  Aftyn is such a cutie pie we are so grateful to have her in our family.


I love making cute cakes for the kids, this is the one Aftyn picked out.

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Swimsuit Cover-Ups

So all spring I was looking for a cover-up for the girls. And I found some for about $10 they were plain and kind of thin and maybe if I only had one daughter I would have gotten it but I have 3 daughters and that $10 dollars quickly turns into $32.50 for a thin not cute cover-up. So I was over visiting my friend when she showed me the cute cover-up she had made for her daughter. I fell in love and not only are they super cute they were super thrifty at about $4.00 a cover!! If you like them you can check out how to make one here

Paytyn’s cover I made first and made it just like she did. But for Kaylynn’s and Aftyn’s I added a little ruffle at the bottom and I think they turned out great.

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Aftyn had a bit of an adventure and a trip to the ER but all is well and nothing is broken!

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They gave her stickers so she would hold still for the x-ray.


so cute huh?

x ray

Summer Time Fun


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Oh Slugs!

We have had a lot of problems with little vermin and bad weather this year.  Our berries and cherries were all destroyed buy slugs, sow bugs, and birds. And the cool weather has stunted the growth of almost everything including our Asian pear tree which after having about 200 pears on it last year only has about 20-30 on it this year.  It hasn’t been a good year for our garden it’s kind of sad hopefully next year will be better!

We found this bucket of 54 slugs in our pea patch (there were 64 total)  but fortunately slugs don’t do much damage to the peas. The kids were wondering what we should do with them and I told them we were going to send them back to their maker.  Tanner said “was that the devil?!”  So after disposing of them we did end up with a LOT of peas and it took me one entire afternoon to shell that big ol’ pile. Did I mention I HATE PEAS?? But the kids and Cameron love them so it’s a sacrifice I don’t mind at all.



This picture doesn’t do the pile justice it was a lot of peas.