Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marriner James 9 Months

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9 months


Marriner at 9 months can crawl though he still prefers the army crawl.  He can pull himself up on anything and likes to try and climb the stairs.  He loves standing and will get into anything he can. He has two teeth on bottom and still loves to nurse, luckily for me he isn’t a bitter.  He loves to copy the sounds that anyone makes and he is pretty good at it too.  He also loves FOOD and will beg any food off of anyone, and since he is baby #5 with a lot of older siblings who like to be helpful, Marriner has pretty much had all of the taboo foods (stuff your not suppose to feed them until after they’re one) before he was even 9 months.  (except shellfish) He especially loves chocolate & milk.  He also is my first baby who actually prefers me over Cameron.  He is also our first child with brown hair and brown eyes.  We sure feel grateful for our little Marriner.

Some Blueberry pancake love


Monday, February 14, 2011

Me & My Guy Dance

Cam took the girls to a Me and My Guy Dance it was a Girl Scout activity.  They all had a lot of fun dancing, making masks and of course earning a patch.


Birthday Bash #32


Cam made my cake.  He had an idea that didn’t work out in the end but it still tasted AWESOME!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cameron’s 34th birthday, Harry Potter and the Pacific Science Center oh and PF CHANGS!!!

Cam’s birthday was on the 21st of January we decided to spend the day in Seattle doing a lot of cool stuff.  We started out by going to the Pacific Science Center and checking out the Harry Potter exhibition.  It was very cool, but you weren’t allowed to take any pictures (booo).  After that we spent the rest of the day checking out the Science Center itself.  On the way home there was a huge accident that cause and enormous back up so we decided that instead of being suck on the freeway going nowhere fast we would try and use some of the back streets to get past the accident.  Well it just happened to take us past a P.F. Changs so we decided to stop and have dinner.  When we finally got home we had cake and ice-cream. 

It was a fabulous day!