Monday, November 30, 2009

Health Insurance....YUCK!!

So we found out this week that Cameron's work has decided to switch health insurance plans. They apparently have been keeping track over the last year of how people are using their health insurance. So they have come up with a new plan that will save 84% of the employee's money. Then new plan is that they will not cover anything until you have met your deductible. The new deductible is ..... 10,000 that's right 10,000 dollars!!! No coverage until you have spent $10,000. It saves people $ because they do pay some of it into an account for your use and it only will cost us $30.00 a month. So as long as you don't go to the doctor it saves you money. So it's a real good thing we aren't having a baby this year or something! oh wait we are.... can't wait to find out how much a baby costs with no real health insurance. I just love being part of the 16% of the company that it really (hmmm how to put it nicely) screws over.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Southam at about 13 weeks

Here are some of the first pictures of our baby. It's so cool to see them so little but they already have all of their parts they just have to get bigger. This little guy is only about 3 inches. Even though this is our 5th baby it never gets old watching them squirm around and see that they have two legs and arms and all their fingers and toes. So cool!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween/ Trunk or Treat

We had a great Halloween and the kids really got a TON of candy. We live in a great trick or treating neighborhood so that combined with very mild weather made it one great night for getting tons of candy. Our ward also had a great trunk or treat. Our camera is broken so some of the pictures didn't come out, here are the pictures that did.

Aftyn our witch who refused to wear her pointed hat.

Tanner the pirate

Paytyn the bat.
Kaylynn as Hermione


These are some better pictures of Kaylynn playing soccer and are mostly so I can have them on here. But soccer season is over and Kaylynn's team had a great year and Kaylynn had a great year. She scored 3 goals on Saturday for a 5 to 1 win. She is #27 in orange and yes she is a lot taller than most girls her age.