Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caterpillars, Chrysalis, Butterflies
Oh My!

One of the gifts Paytyn got for her birthday was a butterfly house. About a month ago we sent away for the butterflies. Here is the story of her Painted Lady butterflies.

This is the butterfly house.

These are the five tiny caterpillars. They came in this plastic cup. You leave them in the plastic cup until they have all formed chrysalis. The cup has air holes and all that tan stuff in the bottom of the cup is their food.

They got bigger very fast!

This stage only took about a week. We all were very surprised about how big our caterpillars had become.

Soon the caterpillars climbed to the top of the cup and started forming their new homes. It only took them ONE day to form a chrysalis.

Once all the caterpillars have turned into chrysalis you remove the paper disk from the top of the cup and safety pin it to the inside of the butterfly house.

About a week later the butterflies start emerging from the chrysalis.

Soon they all had hatched.

Kaylynn was worried because they weren't flying out of their house so she decided to help them out.

Before they flew out of our yard some of them stopped to help pollinate. THANKS BUTTERFLIES!! and the Rachfords for such a cool present.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Western Washing University

Last Friday after the Mothers Day Tea we were in Bellingham. So we decided to check out Cam's school. He is almost one year into his two year MBA course. We will be so glad when he is done. He also just got invited to be in the honor society. Go Cam!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Grade Mothers Day Tea
Kaylynn's class had a Mothers Day celebration on Friday. They sang, did some readers theaters and had snacks. Kaylynn was concerned because they had real tea not herbal. But she reassured me that they had lemonade and I shouldn't worry. It as so cute and the program was wonderful. I'm so glad Kaylynn has the teacher that she does. She is wonderful.

Readers Theather

It's a small world with actions it was pretty cool.
Kaylynn and Mrs. Shapiro.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Growing a Yard of Plenty!

Here is a peek into our yard. We don't have a lot of space but we sure try to use the space we do have.

Welcoming to our yard for the first time this year a PLUM TREE! Welcome Plum may your fruits be tasty and plentiful!

Black Current, looks like we will have enough for a batch of jam!

Cherry Tree, hopefully none of the children will chop you down. A few handfuls is all we'll get this year.

One of our 9 blueberry bushes. Wish you were bigger!

Kiwis.. That's right kiwis. The female actually has blooms on it this year but not the male so we won't actually get any fruit. Yes they work like people.

Strawberries, you serve us well. Can't wait!!!
Blackberries, raspberries, marionberries oh how I love thee let me count the ways....

Asian Pear tree, looking forward to more yummy treats from your branches!

Not pictured: fig tree, evergreen huckleberry and the veggie gardens. And I just got a grape and can't wait to plant him somewhere!!