Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random January Activities

I started guest blogging on a friends blog.  I would like to start to blog again, I miss it.  The timing just hasn’t been right yet, I hope it is someday.  Marriner drew and awesome picture of me with baby Kyler in my tummy.  I started watching my sister’s kids full time.  I started doing some sewing for Kyler.  Tanner and Paytyn dressed to the nines Smile .  I painted the boys room, it took me and entire week to do that stinking stripe.  I like how their room turned out but I don’t love it, maybe when I get the rest of it done I’ll love it.  Fingers crossed!  I also painted Kaylynn’s room and I LOVE how it turned out!   We went to Sacred Gifts at the MOA on the campus of BYU.  It was super cool to see all of those paintings.  We are so lucky to have been able to see those.  What a blessing.  I did some random canning of apple sauce.  I made some cherry/apple sauce that was killer!! Paytyn did a native Utahans project.  Her group was the Goshutes.  She did a great job making her wikiup and presenting it to the class.   And I got the worst haircut ever!  So all in all a pretty good month.


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