Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paytyn’s # 7 Happy birthday to you!!!

For Paytyn’s birthday we went for pizza then went to see the reptile man. It was pretty cool.  She got to take her picture with an alligator.  She also decorated her own butterfly cake.  And she had a cooking a birthday party.  Plus Cameron made her an awesome Harry Potter wand and I made her a new birthday dress.  We also made some ice-cream cone cake pops to bring to school for her class.  We sure love our little Paytyn.  She is so sweet and willing to help.  She is a great older sister and a big help to us.  She also shared her testimony for the first time in Sacrament meeting on Sunday.  She did a great job!



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I’m in LOVE! With my new floor!!

We have 5 kids and a living room with basically white carpet.  Those two things just really don’t mix.  For the last 6 years we have been routinely cleaning our carpets, to try and fight the high traffic dirt AND we even bought a carpet cleaner so we wouldn’t have to rent one anymore.  (BISSEL carpet cleaners ROCK).  And on and off for the last few years we have talked about taking out the carpet and replacing it with laminate.  This past weekend we finally did… I LOVE IT!  It turned out so great and it wasn’t too much of a headache we had a couple of friends come over and help. 

Old nasty carpet with old nasty trim.


After we torn out the carpet, pad and tack strips, I spent the day repainting everything. I just repainted the same color but it made a HUGE difference. Everything looks so fresh and clean again!


And this is how it looks now. Great eh?  I wish I could have gotten pictures before they put the furniture back in, but alas I didn’t.


We replaced our old nasty trim with new taller trim, I love how that turned out too.  I kind of have a new look planned for this room, hopefully it will all come together.


New trim, I still have to do the touch up work on the trim but you get the idea.