Friday, August 30, 2013

Winner, Winner, Winner

The four oldest kids decided to participate in a drawing contest at Cameron’s work.  They had to draw pictures of people being safe on the job at home or at play.   Kaylynn got 1st place in her age group and the other kids all got 2nd place for their age group.  They all ended up with gift bags and gift cards ranging from 15-25 dollars, not to shabby!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First day of School 2013

Kaylynn-6th, Paytyn- 4th and Tanner-2nd.  The bigs as I like to call them stated school on August 20th (also our 14th anniversary).  Aftyn our little kindergartener starter the next week on the 27th.  Aftyn is in afternoon kindergarten and loves it so far.  The other kids especially Kaylynn have mixed reviews for their teachers this year.  Paytyn actually changed teachers after the first week because the 4th grade was so HUGE they had to find another teacher, but she liked both teachers so win, win.  Tanner doesn’t say much about his teacher or school in general.  Then there is poor Kaylynn who has a teacher that is and older lady that ( according to Kaylynn) has and annoying habit of talking like a baby whenever there are no adults around.  She also doesn’t know what to do with a smart girl, she told Kaylynn “I don’t know what to do with you, you already know everything”, so then she let Kaylynn read all morning.  I can’t say I thrilled about that, about her telling her she knows everything and about letting her read all morning but hopefully I can go in and talk to her teacher or something.  I also taught 6th grade so I might have some enrichment activities around here somewhere.  Well get it worked out, or it will be one boring year for her.

I can’t believe summer is over, we sure had a fun one! 



Monday, August 19, 2013

Southam #7

Coming March 6th 2014!  I obviously have all kinds of things I could write about, how the pregnancy is going (great) , how I feel about being pregnant again (nervous, excited, blessed, nervous, did I mention nervous?).  But I don’t feel like it.  I will say I had my first appointment today besides me crying way more than I expected; everything is looking great so far.  I found out that I am the perfect candidate for a VBAC so AWESOME!  The only rule my doctor has is that I have to go into labor by myself which up to this point I haven’t.  But I have never went more than 3 days late before I let them induce me.  The doctor seemed pretty confident that they would be able to get me to go into labor, I won’t elaborate on that.


  I can’t wait to hold this little baby in my arms. 

baby7-001 (640x498)

His he your youngest?

A simple question really, but I hate it.  It breaks my heart.  Maybe it’s because I have been asked that question so many times lately, the easy answer is “yes” but the correct answer is “no”.  Some things just really suck!  (sorry if you don’t like the word suck, but it’s the nicest word I could use) Thankful that our new baby will put that stupid question to bed!!