Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random videos from our trip

So our camera was running out of batteries during "The Breath of Life" night show at the P.C.C. so some of these videos really leave you wanting more...sorry.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday August 20th

Where we're leaving on a jet plane

So we flew out on our 10th anniversary. We flew out in the evening so by the time we got there it was pretty late and we had been up for about 23 hours. But because we got in late they had run out of rooms and had to upgrade us to a room with a kitchenette. YIPPEE! After we got there we strolled on Waikiki beach. LET THE FUN BEGIN.

Friday August 21st
Where Jaime uncovers a mix-up.

Friday was our first full day in Hawaii. We decided to do the P.C.C first so we drove to Laie and walked around the temple grounds. The Laie temple is currently under a renovation which will take approximately 18 months. Because of this we weren't able to actually go to the temple while in Hawaii. One of the sisters in the visitors center told us we should check out the other place below I don't remember if it had a name. After that it was finally time to go to the P.C.C.

Laie Temple
Somewhere in Laie

The Polynesian Cultural Center

I can't possible say enough about this experience. I was so cool and by far my favorite thing that we did. The villages were cool, the canoe parade was fun and the "Breath of Life" night show was so amazing. This is were I uncovered the mix up. I'm pretty sure I was suppose to be a pacific islander. I know it sounds silly (and I do love the family I was born into) but something about these island people really spoke to me and I really felt at "home" here.

Saturday August 22nd

Where we discover the Coolest Sand Ever!

Saturday we started the day by visiting the Dole Pineapple Plantation. We ate a lot of yummy pineapple on this trip. It was so good! After the plantation we visited Waimea Valley and beach and ended up swimming at Sunset beach. Sunset beach has the coolest sand ever! I loved how big and chunky it was, yet still soft I LOVED IT I wish I would have brought some home. The downside... the stuff does not come of easily!! Lots of scrubbing and pick it off one grain at a time but well worth it. On the way back that evening we stopped at Turtle beach and that was the first time we got to see the sea turtles.

Inside the worlds largest maze at Dole.

Waimea Valley

Most nights we would stroll in the moonlight
on Waikiki Beach....ahhh

Sunday August 23rd

Why we picked Oahu

I was kind of nervous about going to church in Hawaii. I didn't want it to feel like another tourist stop on our trip. So we picked a ward that started at 8:00 and there was only one other couple visiting that day (also celebrating their 10th anniversary). It was a great ward and a nice meeting. So why did we choose Oahu out of all the Hawaiian islands? Because of what we did on Sunday. Pearl Harbor. I have always loved American History and Pearl Harbor has always been very interesting to me. I have always wanted to come here to feel and to be in this place. The only thing I regret is that we did it on Sunday and we didn't realize how much of it you had to pay for. Since it was Sunday we didn't do any of that stuff we just went to the Memorial which is free and it includes a little movie about the event and a museum. After Pearl Harbor we went to the Punch Bowl a military cemetery. It was a very interesting day.
Arizona Memorial
Part of the Arizona that is sticking up out of the water. It's amazing how close to the surface the battleship is you can see quite a lot of it just under the surface of the water.

Punch Bowl Cemetery
Things around Pearl Harbor

Inside the Arizona Memorial.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday August 24th

Where we drive a lot and see even more

Monday was my second favorite day on the island. We did and saw a lot of fun things and drove around most of the island. We started out the day hiking Diamond Head. Then spitting cave, Halona blowhole, Chinamans Hat, Japanese Temple, Macadamia nut farm (the only thing we did that I wish we wouldn't have done) and lots of snorkeling at sharks cove and turtle beach and of course more shave ice.

So most of the snorkeling pictures were taken on our underwater camera but here our some sea turtles that were up on the beach and we actually saw some while snorkeling as well it was very cool.

The Macadamia Nut farm was not my favorite thing but we did get to see some cool scenery and a lot of movies and t.v. shows have been filmed here. This mountain below might look familiar it has been in a lot of movies.

This guy was really funny and had obviously worked at the P.C.C it was basically the same show but with only this one guy.
The view from Diamond Head it was so beautiful and such a great little hike.

Us on top of Diamond Head

More views from Diamond Head

Cameron at Spitting cave. Notice how close he is to the edge and in the next picture you will see how close I got to the edge. :)

The largest hand carved Buddha in the last (well a really long time).

Japanese Temple

Chinamans Hat

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, August 25th

Where we take a shower outside
This was our last full day in Oahu. We started the day by hiking to Monoa Falls and getting totally drenched. When we were about 10 feet from the falls it started to pour so we didn't actually get to spend much time at the falls and by the time we got back to our car we had to go back to the hotel and change it was like we had taken a shower with our clothes on. After we were dry again we headed to the Iolani royal palace. We did an audio tour and we learned some interesting history of Hawaii and it was pretty sad. We had a couple of things planned beyond seeing the palace but when we were done with the palace tour we decided we would rather go back to the North Shore and do some more snorkeling!

Monoa Falls

King Kamehameha Statue across the street from the palace.

This is the only royal palace in the United States. I learned the history of the downfall of Hawaii as it's own country it's very sad and we were not very nice!
I loved these "walking trees" also know was mangrove trees. Their branches shoot roots down to the ground, the roots start growing and the tree "walks" along as it spreads out really wide. They are so pretty

An old prison

Mastsumoto's were we ate way too many shave ice!